About us

Code Bards is a joyful place where we sometimes work and often have fun. And it's mostly at the same time. We fool around. We drink decaf coffee. We also do yoga in the middle of the afternoon. But mostly, we develop products that, we hope, may positively transform the lives of people.

Magalie Allard, CEO


Thanks to my hippy geeky parents, I got my first computer at age 7 (a splendid TRS-80 Color Computer 2), I've been vegetarian twice, I became a book worm, and I learned to be thankful for all that life sends my way.

I speak French, English, Spanish (un poquito), Japanese (sukoshi). I've moved over 40 times, I think, but one simply stops counting at some point. The good news is, there still are a few continents I have yet to visit.

I'm evolving in the software development industry since 1999, as developer, analyst, team lead, and project manager. In 2016, I started my own freelance company, offering software and linguistics services. And now with Code Bards, having the chance to be involved in creating something I believe in, that helps people and the planet, and with my lover Carl, is simply the best!

Carl Bolduc, CTO


Here I am, a molecular biologist considering himself a dog person who became a developer living with two ginormous cats.

I love mechanical keyboards, huge G-Shock watches, anime and strategy RPGs. I dream of living in a remote location near the forest in a small "off-grid" house (with great internet of course).

With Code Bards, I acheive something mysterious... it's the third time Magalie and I work together in the same company. Things are different now however: I get to shape up some of the best ideas we discuss in our day-to-day life.