Calendarium Launch

Published on April 7, 2021

Calendarium is live!

Last week, we launched our first product, Calendarium, and we were so proud! But it was still lacking an important feature, which is why we waited until this week to present our offspring to the world: the trial option.

Try Calendarium

There is now a free one-month trial in Calendarium.

To start a trial, access the Start trial page. It's free and we don't ask for your billing information.

What are the features?

But I hear you saying, what is Calendarium?

Calendarium is a web application for groups of people/organisations who have a common interest and want to easily share event dates and details with each other. Calendarium helps preventing those dreadful event overlaps. Public calendars can also be browsed to discover events on specific topics.

View public calendars

Even without an account, visitors of Calendarium can browse public calendars. These calendars are created by other people or organisations that want to share them publicly. As time passes, we hope that many new and interesting calendars will become available for you to browse.

Create and manage calendars

You will be able to create and manage private and public calendars to share event dates, all of that in a secured centralised online place.

Embed your customised calendars

Select which day of the week your calendars start and select their colours to match your website colours. Then copy and paste the embeddable iframe code into your website, in both English and French.

Invite collaborators

When you are ready to collaborate on your calendars with other people from your organisation and outside, send them an invitation to collaborate. They will receive an email with a personalised invitation link, and once they accept, they will be able to create events in your calendars.

Create bilingual content

Select if your calendars support English, French, or both languages. When creating events, the appropriate fields will require content in your supported languages. And when viewing the calendars, content will be displayed in the user selected language, or fallback to your language if you decided not to have content in the other language.

Use a thorough event publishing workflow

Events can be created as draft for further review, or published right away. They can be unpublished if something needs to be fixed in them. And you can configure your calendars to require your approval before publishing events your collaborators create.

All the events of a calendar can be managed in a single search page, where you can filter events by keywords, dates and status, then decide which events to approve and publish.

Your calendar awaits!

This wraps up all the exciting news we have to share today. We have many other ideas for improving and adding to Calendarium, so we will keep working hard.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to send us an email in the grove!