Réclamations pour violation des droits d'auteur

Dernière mise à jour le 1 juillet 2021

Notification of Copyright Infringement Claims

Making original work is hard! As described in our Use Restrictions policy, you can’t use Code Bards products* to make or disseminate work that uses the intellectual property of others beyond the bounds of fair dealing.

Are you a copyright owner? Under the Notice and Notice Regime of the Copyright Act (the Canadian equivalent of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act), you have the right to notify us (Code Bards) if you believe that an account user of any product we built and maintain has infringed on your work(s) as copyright owner. To be effective, the notification of claimed infringement must be written. Please include the following information:

Notice and Notice Counter-notifications

On the flip-side, if you believe your material has been removed in error, you can file a written counter-notification. Please include the following information:

Where to Send Notices

You can notify us of either copyright infringement claims or Notice and Notice counter-notifications through either of the following channels:

By email: grove@codebards.io

By mail
Code Bards 
ATTN: Magalie Allard 
509 rue Racine 
Québec, QC, G2B 1G3, Canada

*This policy and process applies to any product created and owned by Code Bards. That includes Calendarium and Vegan Realm.