Aperçu de la sécurité

Dernière mise à jour le 1 juillet 2021

We protect your data

All data you save are written to a database, on a solid state disk (SSD), and backed up daily.

Your data are sent using HTTPS

Whenever your data are in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS.

Our application databases are encrypted at rest — the information you add to the applications is active in our databases and subject to the same protection and monitoring as the rest of our systems. Our database backups are encrypted.

We protect your billing information

All credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption — the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network.

Over 20 years in business

Code Bards was born in 2021, but we as persons have been in the software industry since 1999. We’ve seen a lot of companies come and go. Security isn’t just about technology, it’s about trust. We work hard to earn your trust. We’ll continue to work hard every day to maintain that trust. Longevity and stability is core to our mission at Code Bards.

Have a concern? Need to report an incident?

Have you noticed abuse, misuse, an exploit, or experienced an incident with your account? Please visit our security response page for details on how to securely submit a report.