Sales Taxes

Last updated on July 1, 2021

Taxes are an important part of functional society. Where our products are taxable, we collect and remit consumption tax to governments at the provincial and federal levels. If your billing address is in one of the following jurisdictions, you’ll see an additional line or two on the subtotal of your invoice for sales tax. The subscription prices on our product websites are all exclusive of sales tax.

The tax rate and rules are determined by each jurisdiction. As regulations change, we will update this list.

Jurisdictions we collect and remit taxes for

Within Canada

We collect sales tax from Calendarium subscribers based in:

Jurisdictions we don't collect taxes for

We don't collect taxes everywhere else in the world outside of Canada. Just remember that we bill in Canadian dollars, so you will receive a conversion fee from your credit card company.

Updating your billing information

If you need to change your billing information because you don’t actually reside in a taxable jurisdiction, you can easily handle that within your accounts. You may need to re-enter your credit card information as part of the billing information update.

We’re here to help

Please contact our Support team if you have trouble or if: